Daleene's previous work, entitled


Fantasy:  On a Theme From Life - Suites One and Two,


involved creating medallions for the new Fred and Lena Meijer Heart  Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Statement of the Assignment: 


"Create a work of art with a medical theme that would be enjoyed by the medical professionals who work at the center as well as comforting to the patients and their families  who come to the center."



The display consists of five medallions above each of three elevator doors on two floors (entitled suites one and two), the main floor and the mezzanine, for total of ten medallions.  Each medallion is 4 feet by 4 feet in size and the total display contains nearly 2500 ceramic pieces individually bonded and grouted to the walls.


Suite One


Suite Two



Main Floor


Click on any medallion for a larger view.






Dan Watts Photography




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